Why Churros for your Operation?

Churros are one of the fastest growing desserts in foodservice. Churros offer so many creative options that will keep your customers coming back for more. A popular treat across Spain and much of Latin America, Churros provide plenty of menu applications no matter your operation or segment. Best of all, you’ll save time and labor because J&J Snack Foods’ delicious delicacies are easy to heat and serve.

These fried dough sticks and bites are typically rolled in a cinnamon-sugar blend, and sometimes even filled with fruit or creamy fillings. Creative operators are using churros as the inspiration and flavoring for other more common desserts like ice cream and cake.

Try the big brand appeal of the crispy, creamy flavor of Oreo® Churros with soft serve ice cream or add California Churros® buns or bites as a breakfast pastry. Some of our churros are individually wrapped for grab & go convenience. These are a perfect snack choice for College & University kiosks. J&J Snack Foods even offers Whole Grain options with fruit fillings for K-12 that are Smart Snack Compliant and offer 1 and 2 servings of grains.

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The Sweet Rise of Churros

We can thank the hard-working Spanish shepherds for first introducing the churro to the world. As an alternative to fresh bread, they used churros for sustenance during the weeks—and sometimes months—they worked in the mountains...

Crispy, chocolate Churros made with OREO® cookie pieces!

Delicious Churros available in a variety of sizes!

Traditional Churros with a variety of delicious fillings!

Delectable authentic Loop Churros available in three sizes!